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6 Fun Diamond Painting Techniques

With regards to Diamond Painting, arrangement method is the one region where you can truly add a sprinkle of imagination. Notwithstanding what anybody advises you, there’s no correct method to put a precious stone!

Perhaps you incline toward going tone by shading. Or then again you’re the sort to move line by line with a Great Big Diamond Wheel™. In any case, there’s no correct answer. Here’s our positioning of our 6 most loved Diamond Painting methods.

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6. Shading By Color

Shading By Color Diamond Painting

Jewel By Diamond Technique

This procedure is very fulfilling as you fill in holes and watch your Diamond Painting spring up. Try not to strip back a lot of the material covering at the same time or the cement may dry out between meetings!

5. Coordinated Diamond Chaos

Natalie Henderson‎ says, “One of the paint by numbers adults procedures I use to help it go somewhat quicker is to have a few diverse shading drills in my plate on the double. I can get a great deal of the material covered as I get across the strip.”

It’s sort of a riff on the Color By Color strategy, yet with more bedlam tossed in. Simply be certain not to drop the plate! Yet, in the event that you do, you can generally guarantee Oh Sh*t Insurance 😉

4. Tweezers

Tweezers With Partial Drill Diamond Painting

While each Diamond Painting Kit accompanies both a Diamond Pen and a bunch of tweezers, numerous individuals lean toward the pen. The tweezers are unquestionably not for everybody, but rather the accuracy of the movement resembles layering somewhat round of “Activity” onto the interaction!

Tweezers Diamond Painting

Tweezers are ideal in case you’re working with a Partial Drill unit or one with unique jewels. The tweezers help you brace onto the jewel effectively paying little mind to its shape.

3. Incredible Big Diamond Wheel™

This strategy is somewhat best in class, and may take a touch of moving, yet it truly speeds things up once you get moving! Utilize the Paint With Diamonds Great Big Diamond Wheel™ to apply many precious stones in a solitary go.

Try to arrange your roller consummately before you start, or your column might be marginally off! It might take a touch of training, yet this strategy is a gigantic efficient device.

2. Column By Row/Multi-Placer

Line By Row Diamond Painting

For a many individuals, the “aha” snapshot of flipping over your Diamond Pen and utilizing the Multi-Placer apparatus comes past the point of no return. Be that as it may, whenever you’ve appreciated the wonderful qualities of going column by line, there’s no retreat.

1. The Checkerboard

Checkerboard Diamond Painting Technique

“Checkerboarding” alludes to the interaction of first filling in each and every square in a segment of your Diamond Painting, at that point returning and filling in the holes. The cycle works preferably with enormous territories containing a solitary tone.

Checkerboarding Diamond Painting

With Checkerboarding, your subsequent way to deal with occupy in the vacant spaces is too fulfilling, on the grounds that every single jewel “snaps” into place. You likewise don’t need to stress over keeping your lines straight – things simply will in general fix themselves!

What’s Your Favorite Technique?

Which one of the strategies do you lean toward utilizing? Or on the other hand perhaps you have an exceptional strategy that lone you think about? Give the world know access the remarks beneath, or join the talk in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group!

You Have Diamond Painting Problems

With the entirety of the fun and delights that accompany precious stone canvas, it likewise requires a huge load of tolerance and can be amazingly dreary. Finishing a jewel painting precisely how you need is a terrific accomplishment however let’s be honest, we are on the whole human and we are not awesome or inclined to mistakes. We commit errors once in a while, in any event, when we put our best exertion forward.

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All things considered, you are surely not the only one! Everybody from the most experienced precious stone painter to somebody fresh out of the box new to jewel painting will have issues eventually where their artwork simply doesn’t work out as expected. Before you have an all out dissolve down and surrender take a couple of seconds to peruse these accommodating answers for normal and some intricate issues that might actually save your precious stone canvas… possibly your mental stability!

Issue: Diamonds That Refuse To Stay Attached

Regardless of how cautiously you apply the jewels to your material there are continually going to be those couple of precious stones that need to cause an issue. It tends to be very baffling to finish a precious stone composition just to track down that a couple of jewels have diamant personnalisée tumbled off only hours after you complete your undertaking. Note that it may not be a direct result of the paste that you utilized.


At the point when you complete your jewel painting you ought to consistently leave it holding up. While it is standing you will actually want to fix any jewels that vibe the need to get away and drop strange. Simply get a toothpick and press them back into their squares.

Issue: When Diamonds Escape…

Everybody has had that appalling second where the entirety of the precious stones that you had fanned out on the table are presently sparkling on the floor. You might be prepared to tear your hair out however don’t stress we have an answer for that!


Stage 1: REMAIN CALM : ) You might be extremely enticed to gather every precious stone individually, however there is a lot simpler approach to do this. On the off chance that you have a cutting edge sweeper you can utilize static to pull in the diamonds, as they are made of tar. This makes them stick effectively to the sheet and you can effectively get them back on your specialty station in an extremely short measure of time.

Issue: The Crooked Gem

You are cautiously dealing with your jewel painting when you understand that from a distance one of two columns seem somewhat unwell. A portion of the jewels that you thought were totally positioned chosen not to stay straight and set up like the others.


You can fix this and it’s straightforward. You should simply snatch a couple of tweezers and delicately push those jewels back to a straight line. Continuously set aside effort to survey your canvas as you complete lines. This will keep you from winding up with a not so decent completed item. It’s additionally much simpler to fix diamonds before the paste is dry.

You can likewise look at this article on the most proficient method to manage troublesome jewel painting drills, HERE.

Issue: Hmm… Is Something Missing?

I’m certain all precious stone composition aficionado can concur that given the little size of the diamonds you will undoubtedly lose a couple all the while. Fortunately there are bounty more jewels where that came from!


We suggest requesting a couple of extra tones if this happens you don’t need to stop what you are doing and trust that a shipment of pearls will come in. Be set up early. You can never be over arranged yet you most unquestionably can be under arranged.

Issue: This Color Is Not My Cup of Tea…

During the making of your jewel painting you notice that your tones are a gnawed off, perhaps you unintentionally picked a shading that doesn’t coordinate with the rest or possibly you essentially don’t care for the manner in which a specific shading mixes with the remainder of the material. This can without much of a stretch be fixed with a consistent hand and some tolerance.


Snatch those helpful dandy tweezers once more. Utilize your tweezers to unpick jewels of some unacceptable tone without harming the material as you eliminate them. You should be delicate yet somewhat firm to get those undesirable diamonds out. On the off chance that your concern was made by unintentionally utilizing some unacceptable shading you might need to take a stab at painting with each tone in turn.

Issue: The Canvas Roll Up

It’s really basic to crease a precious stone artwork when you are putting away it away. The issue with doing so comes when you endeavor to unfurl it again and are confronted with the concern that your artwork won’t be an excellent as when you initially collapsed it up and that it might never be level again.


There is a straightforward fix to this issue and it tends to be found in many kitchens. Truth be told, head into the kitchen and get your moving pin! The moving pin will likewise keep jewels from dropping strange. Make certain to utilize a defensive sheet before utilizing the moving pin. In the event that this doesn’t work you can generally go old fashioned and have a go at setting your jewel painting between two reading material.